Your Perfect Podcast Icon

What on earth is your Perfect Podcast Icon?

It is that perfect listener that listens to your podcast every day. He has scheduled his whole day for the time your podcast is available.

The day you do not have a podcast, you know all about it. This perfect Podcast Icon will get an email to you as fast as lightning. He will give you a thousand words on your blog. You will feel extremely guilty because of your lack of performance.

An Example of The Perfect Podcast Icon

Suzy is a house wife with a husband and three kids. The oldest child is seven years, middle child is 5 years and a baby of eighteen months. Her normal weekly day consists of preparing breakfast and sandwiches for her husband and oldest child. The other two children stay at home and after hubby and the oldest child left, Suzy has her hands full with the little ones. She cleans the house and quickly goes to the grocery store to buy the necessary. By eleven o’ clock the house is spick and span, children are peaceful and Suzy can take a break. Eleven o’clock is the time for your podcast to go on air. Suzy listens to your positive message. After half an hour the podcast has revived Suzy and she feels like moving heaven and earth. There were no commercial breaks to distract her attention on what you have to say in your podcast and she is pretty sad when it ends. Tomorrow she will listen to your next episode.

When You Approach a Fork in the Road

As a Podcaster there will be many challenges on your road to become the best Podcaster. What happens when you reach a fork in the road?

Easy, put yourself in the shoes of Suzy, your Perfect Podcast Icon. Think like she thinks. What would she have done in that situation? Suzy is basically making the decisions. What would suite her?

Remember, you are not the perfect Podcaster Icon, Suzy is. She has just taken a big load off your shoulders by letting you decide as if you were Suzy.

The Practical Side in Becoming the Best Podcaster

Grab a blank piece of paper and create Suzy. Write down who she is, what she likes, her daily challenges. Write a minimum of 500 words on Suzy.

When you completed Suzies’ summary , find another Perfect Podcast Icon and write down. Look around you. Your neighbors, people in your church, Teachers in your children’s school. Talk to these people and find out more about them, what makes them cross, what makes them happy.

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