What is an Entrepreneur by Design?

What is an Entrepreneur by Design
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When you are small, and your parents happen to be entrepreneurs, you can pick up a lot of knowledge and advice by just listening to conversations between your parents and their co-workers and business associates.

Starting to think out of the Box! Try to get the whole picture and see where there are possibilities at other places and other countries. How can you expand your vision to include the whole world?

Entrepreneurs tend to be very independent. They do not want to look other people in the eye for jobs and favors. They would rather go without or make another plan to become self sufficient. Rightly so! When they become dependant on other people they could get hurt financially or in other ways.

Whenever you get your first contract, having done it to the best of your ability, you could be very proud of your achievement! This contract could be followed up by further contracts. The more contracts you complete, the more you learn, and the more independent you become. You also get more self confidence and eventually become an expert on your chosen contracts. When you have learnt you will remember those lessons for life, and it will become second nature.

With a positive attitude you will go a far way. Solutions will be easier for you to reach, and you will enjoy every minute of your contracts. It will not be a problem for you to get up in the mornings to go to work.

Sometimes things just seem to go wrong. If it turns out to be a dead horse, abandon the problem and carry on with being productive.

Surround yourself with the best contractors you can afford. They might prove to be expensive, but remember, they are already professionals whilst if you go for cheaper contractors, they might cost you dearly in the end.

Here is your secret to success. Deliver your product on time. This could mean that you have to work hard and it could be for long hours. Be sure to stay within the budget. This budget can be easily exceeded, and it needs a lot of discipline and creativity to stay within the numbers. Always be friendly and efficient. Remember, you are only as good as your last job.

Look after your staff and employees and contractors who work for you. If they are positive you have a lot of brain power and willing hands to complete the contract.

With the economy as tight as it is now you have to think hard in order to make things more affordable. The Far East is very reasonable with their prices, and their designs are so nice. Try to put together a package deal to keep prices down.

Somewhere you have learned your trade. Maybe it was from an uncle, college or a friend. Out of gratitude you should give a little back. There are lots of young people who have talent and need a break. Look around and help somebody who might be able to help you.

Sometimes you fall out of love with what you are doing. The product might be right, but your passion is no longer with you. Stop in what you are doing and find something that can rekindle the passion you had in your life.

Be very careful about money, but spoil yourself. There are little things that are dear to you. Invest in these and be happy. Remember, you are working very hard to achieve success.

When you start making money, a good idea is to invest in commercial and residential property. Also invest in where your passion lies. Maybe you are a yacht fanatic. Maybe you are a pilot to be.

All the best of success for your entrepreneurship!

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