The Entrepreneur Meaning


Entrepreneurs don’t do well with the words you can’t do that.

They just see opportunities everywhere and anywhere where they are.

Entrepreneurs are not normal.

They don’t get recognized by what they look like, but what they think.


All Effort is Equal.

Same raw effort to plan a party, is the same raw effort to build a world class business


Dream big.

Entrepreneurs sell Ether which is the ability to sell a dream.

You can paint a future experience to somebody, then enthused about it with certainty, which make ether real currency.


Ideas don’t matter, execution does

Speed and Momentum are key:

Time is now.

Most businesses don’t succeed because they never get started


Inside you there must be a sense of urgency to get started.

Businesses will pivot up and down until the balance is found of a good business for what the customers want and is prepared to pay for.


The Entrepreneurs dilemma,

Stay attached to the problem to solve, but be flexible in the solution how to solve it


Make your product different & better than the opposition.

Therefore you don’t have to come up with an original idea.

Just look at successful businesses and ask how you can do it better.


For example, to have a start-up which does not cost an arm and a leg, but to get all the pointers in place.

Build prototypes and put it out in 3 weeks. Real people in the market will tell if it works by being prepared to pay for it.


By using the internet you can establish if people want the product before you have spent too much money on it.

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