Start-Up Entrepreneur Website – 7 Top Tips getting started in 2018

Start-Up Entrepreneur Website - 7 Top Tips getting started in 2018 1

A start-up entrepreneur website – 7 top tips getting started in 2018 in order to obtain a stronger presence in the outside world, right? You just have to know where to start. Making one mistake or misjudgment, and this whole scenario could be pretty costly. You need to test the waters first to see which direction to take and if selling over the internet is definitely for your new start-up business.

I know of an entrepreneur who jumped in to get his website built at all costs. As of today’s date, he hasn’t yet made a single dime out of that website, but he has spent $21, 597.34 to get it built and then up and running. Yeah, he has a dot com name, but a very expensive one at that. The problem is, the quote for building his entrepreneur website was much less, but it is an app here, that wouldn’t work well, an extension there that freezes the site and so the story goes on. The other day he got a quote from an SEO company of $500 per month.

My goodness, if he spends half of that money on targeted Facebook ads he would be doing much better. (Just a thought.) Now, if I was starting from scratch, I would have done it a bit differently. Let me help you acquire the first seven steps.

Step 1. Road map and One Page Business plan for my Entrepreneur Start-Up Website

The Road map to building your Money Making Machine. This is the section where you take a blank A4 and a pencil with an eraser. Draw a square in the middle of the page. That is your website, and the start of your money making machine. Write the name of your business on top. Just below that the menus, namely Home, About Us, Products, Blog. Once this is done, add your Facebook, Twitter, +Google and LinkedIn Images, where you want them. They can be on top, next to the menu, the left, or right hand vertically down, or at the footer.

Talking about the footer. This is also where the Legals, Terms and Conditions, and Disclaimer go. You can put your name in there with a copyright, reading las follows: © Name of Website, 2018. Let’s move to the Start-Up Business Plan which is the meat of your Website. The main ingredients on your Online-Business are, Traffic, Offer and Conversion. Traffic and offer are the easy parts. The tough one is the conversion, the secret to open up your customer’s wallet to pay for your offer.

On the traffic side, you can decide if you want to use SEO or paid advertising. If you build your Start-Up Entrepreneur Website with SEO in mind, this is the place to start. Keyword research is of utmost importance. More about Keywords in Step 6. Enter on top of the blank space, what the purpose is of your website, for example: “Great Entrepreneur Books for sale”. Then you enter what the most important benefit will be for your customer, for example: “This hand selected collection of Entrepreneur Books is to help you to grow from zero to a five figure business in as short as three months.”

Step 2. Decisions on a webhost

For starters, I wouldn’t go for a paid webhost from the word go. If you can’t build websites, it can be very costly to get a website up and running if you decide on a paid webhost. Your website will be as dead as a dodo if you don’t build it or copy it to the paid webhost. I’ll choose one of the “Big Five”. Here they are from easiest to use to most difficult to use.


Is in my opinion the easiest to use of the “Big Five”. It is easy to build the website and there are a lot of apps that you can use to make your website a lot more functional. Click here for more about


Is very similar to Wix in a few ways. What astonished me of Weebly is that they were driving organic traffic to my site without me even asking. Click here for more about


Is a chip from the old Google. No doubt traffic will come your way by just doing as the “Big G” tells you to do, because you are so close to the “Big G Search Engine”. Click here to learn more about


Is so very popular. Many, many people are building their sites in WordPress. You need a little bit more skills to build a really nice, safe site. WordPress is known to be targeted by hackers. This is one of the reasons why I prefer Wix as a Startup Tool. Wix has a security umbrella over your site and they smell a hacker from far away. Click here for more on


Is the preferred website by many because of their superior Content Manage System. Joomla has been upgraded so that you need the minimum extensions to run on your site. Joomla is a bit tight for Start Ups and you need quite a lot more skills. Once you mastered it, it is a pleasure to run your sites on Joomla. Click here for more on

Conclusion for Start-Up Entrepreneur Website – 7 Top Tips getting started in 2018

This is what I would do for the purpose of this blog. There are so many free webhosting sites. My favorite at the moment is They have beautiful templates, and within limitations, you can build a complete e-commerce site, with payment options as well. You can add pages, have your About Me page, Blogs and much, much more. Folks, this web hosting is free and look at the Youtube video on this page to help you get going with

If you prefer Weebly, wordpress, blogger, google, joomla, or whatever free webhosting, just go to and enter weebly setup or wordpress setup and choose a related video that will help you to setup your Start-Up Entrepreneur website correctly.

Step 3. The graphic side of the website.

Choose a beautiful template. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, head off to They have many, many examples of headings. You can change the wording and once you’re happy, you can download the graphics. Just upload it into your preferred free web host. If you get stuck, head off to Google or Youtube and ask the question.

Step 4. Security, Security, Security.

I can’t stress security on your website enough! My dot com website has been hacked by the friendlies of China and Russia. Google has closed down my website and it took me the best part of three months to get back onto the web again. I lost my very favorable Alexa ranking of 400,000 and am down to 5.8 million. In the olden times with my favorable website ranking, buyers who wanted to buy websites, used to contact me to see if I was prepared to sell the site.

After the great hack all went quiet on that front. What I decided on doing was to develop my website in Joomla. There is a free two factor authentication key, as well as a newly written extension, jhackguard. Whenever Google contacts me about increased activity on the site, I immediately give it the attention it requires.

Further more, I use a system generated password, with lots of capital and small letters, symbols and numbers, as well as make backups regularly. In doing research on what the most secure free web host is, I was pleasantly surprised with’s attitude. Here is what Wix says: “The security of our users’ sensitive data is of extreme importance to us here at Wix and we are 100% committed to protecting it.”

Step 5: The nitty gritty of starting to build your website.

There are such a lot of templates out there, and many of them are free. The big question is, which one? There are many beautiful templates. What I do is I’m going to each and every free web host and look at their templates. You’ll know when it is the right one. It’s the template where you go back to a hundred times. That template talks to you.

No template you like or understand? No problem. You can start building your website on a blank site. It is not so difficult. You upload your graphics in the heading and where ever you want on the site. Enter your text. One app I would recommend for you is your email builder. Choose the background color or image and you’re good to go.

Just look at the Landing page selection. They are there! You use Landing Pages to build your email list. You can start building your own email list from the word go by adding an app. There are two apps for that purpose. It is so easy to put the optin box where you want to. Bear in mind, I am using Wix, but the rest of the “Big Five” will all work on the same principle in varying degrees of difficulty.

Step 6: The importance of Keyword and Meta Tags.

Yes, I hear keywords are not really important according to Google’s last update. My friend, how on earth will Google and the other search engines index your website and web pages if there are no keywords? How will the users of Google’s search engine tell Google what they are looking for?

Why is so important and why do they dissect a website for their keywords? Maybe if you want to pay to advertise it is not important, but let me tell you, for every lead that you get via search engines and you didn’t pay for, is like a gift. Take the trouble and do a little research on the keywords by entering your oppositions website URL in Look at the keywords. There are ten of them. Enter these in your website when you create a new site.

Step 7: Make more of your products you want to sell.

You intend running a business, right! You have services, products or both to sell. An easy way to advertise your products/services for sale is to create a Product Pricing Table on Exel with a paypal payment button underneath each product and put it on your home page of your website.

Conclusion for start-up entrepreneur website – 7 top tips getting started in 2018:

Speed to get your entrepreneur website up and running, is of utmost importance and that is why I use this time line. The reason being for every day you are not on the web, you loose opportunities of presenting your product or services.

Time line to get started on your start-up Entrepreneur Website:

Step 1: Brainstorm your business, 30 minutes

Step2: If you want to test the “Big Five”, it can take a couple of hours or more.

Step3: To find your ideal template, or a blankpage, can also take a couple of hours.

Step4: Go through each web host’s security section with a magnifying glass.

If you are not sure about something, contact them. 1 hour

Step5: Depends on your level of skills.

This can take a day or two. Please folks, if you run into a bottleneck, contact the web host for support. If you want more support, Google your problem. Normally there is a solution.

Step 6: You need to get your keyword research done and I would say it will take you about two hours.

Step 7: Setting up your product table on Exel.

Example. This can also take you two hours.

For about 18 hours you are good to go. Some steps will take you lesser time and some steps will take longer to complete. The section to build your own Money Making Machine is completed, and you saved yourself a lot of money in doing it yourself. A big fiver for YOU.

Website where you can find more articles on this subject. What is an Entrepreneur

Finally the last word on start-up entrepreneur website – 7 top tips getting started in 2018

To conclude start-up entrepreneur website – 7 top tips getting started in 2018 try one of these free websites to get a “feel” of what all it has to offer. Start and see what happens to the technical side. What is very nice, all these web hosts can drip feed a lot of traffic to your website. Keep an eye on What is an Entrepreneur for more articles like this.

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