Remarkable Content is not only King, it is the whole Kingdom

remarkable content is not only king, it is the whole kingdom

Remarkable Content is not only King, it is the whole Kingdom

Successful Markets are all about Conversation

Why remarkable content is not only king, it is the whole kingdom, because in the olden days when the Web was young, marketers shouted very loudly and hoped that customers would listen. They shouted at the customers and did not talk to them. They thought if they were shouting the loudest, the customers will listen to them. Well, some of those marketers did make some money and lots of it.

Mark Zuckerberg

Then a very gifted young man changed the web forever. His name is Mark Zuckerberg. Suddenly all of us can make friends living all over the world. Making friends did not cost one penny. Friends started talking to each other and the Web was a very lively place. These friends were spreading interesting content between their friends who in turn spread it all over the world. Many of these friends ignored the marketers.


Suddenly marketers started listening to the customers and saw that good communication with their customers started delivering business results. Marketers started communicating with the customers by creating remarkable content. Customers love the remarkable content and reacted to it. All this content is making it very exiting and easy for the customer to read or to watch. Articles, videos, whiteboards, white papers, blog posts, info graphics, podcasts, slide shares to name only a few.

There are a few points to consider when creating remarkable content

Engage your readers

as if they are your friends and you are chatting to them. It is not a stiff technological paper with highly complex jargon that means nothing to most readers. You would like your readers to actively engage to your context regularly.

Enthusiasm is very contagious

Write your article with lots of enthusiasm. Your readers will quickly get the jest of it and they will love it. They will soon become your raving fans.

Immediate Value

The biggest benefit to your reader is when your content provides immediate value to your reader. Your job is to give information to your reader and if you can do it very well, you will have created great context.

Regular Basis

When you create remarkable content on a regular basis, you will get more and more readers. You will enjoy the contact with the readers as much. Show your ability without being arrogant or pompous. Remember, your reader is an expert in another field. Maybe he is a top pilot but is not so smart in that which you have to offer. On the other hand you always wanted to become a pilot, but the time was never right.

The natural flow

of your context is so important. Read it out loud and if it does not sound natural, please do not publish your content. Give it to somebody else to read. Take the time to produce the best content possible.

Interesting Story of

Here is an interesting story about and remarkable content.

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia and has over 46.4 million pages. Users have generated these pages. These pages contain users content. Total sites links are 1.417 million.

Final word on remarkable content is not only king, it is the whole kingdom

Once you can communicate with people all over the world, your road to success is paved. It won’t happen immediately, unless you are born with this special gift. You need lots of exercise to master this art of communication. Practice and practice some more. Good news is it will get easier with every attempt you are making.

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