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Top 5 ways to rapidly grow your Podcast Audience


Whilst you are starting your Podcast Business, the best way to start learning how to GROW your Podcast audience is from the beginning. Five important methods will be shared with you in this article.


Leverage Podcast Directories


SoundCloud is the new Website on the scene and they are doing really cool things, for instance their motto:


Make your first upload to SoundCloud. Plan your next worldwide release. Whatever you create, wherever you are in your career, On SoundCloud is for you.


Stitcher Radio is one of the older radio stations which has been around for a while.


Here is what they say:



Stream the latest in news, sports, talk, and entertainment radio anywhere, on demand. Stitcher is the easiest way to discover the best of over 25,000+ radio shows, live radio stations and podcasts.


Itunes is by far the biggest directory and will be so into the unforeseeable future and are really powerful.


Itunes has over 525 million active users which is double the population of the United States of America.

All these people login to itunes every single month, searching for contents, and the question is, are they finding yours. Look for a good keyword to rank for, the example when you enter entrepreneur, entrepreneuronfire Podcast is number two. That drives massive organic traffic to your Podcasts. What is your niche? Is it dressmaking, archery, foreign languages? When you set up your Podcast Series correctly, people will find you.


Furthermore, 315 million people access itunes on their iphones, that means people around the world have access to your Podcast within an arms' reach 24/7, to your brand, to the information you put out there, which is incredibly powerful. Every new iphone going out every single day has the podcast app on the front menu and nobody can remove it.


It is getting better, Apple Car Play is going into the dashboards of all cars that are manufactured in 2015 and later. You can jump in your car, turn on the ignition tap that podcast button and immediately your favorite Podcast will start playing over the eight loudspeakers in the car.


Maximize New & Noteworthy


You have eight weeks in to maximize your Podcast opportunity in the most powerful way. As a podcaster you can make use of the organic growth of New & Noteworthy. Try to get to the number one spot in all itunes. The benefits are tremendous which will send an unbelievable amount of traffic your way. You must have the Perfect Launch Plan in place to really optimize your position as a Podcaster.


Leverage the audience of your guests


Leverage existing communities


LinkedIn, Facebook, google plus, meetup, these are high level communities that you as a Podcaster needs to leverage especially if you go topic based, you cannot rely in the the community of your interviewer, so you have to ask questions, share information, give feedback give support, give guidance, ask for guidance, be a person of value, set time aside a day to be a member of these communities. When somebody asks you a question, you can say I have answered it already in a Podcast and then the whole group can have access to this podcast. Start meeting people.



Social Media


Focus on three social media platforms and do it very well, then move on to the next three. Use Soundcloud and Betwin, so that people can play a Podcast episode right in facebook, and the same with twitter, you can do the same with Libsyn


To conclude these top five tactics: Use the top directories, itunes, Soundcloud and lisbyn, Maximise New and noteworthy for fity-six days for maximum organic traffic, leverage the audience of your guests with an email to your guest the following morning after a podcast episode, Leverage existing communities, Do not underestimate social media and reach facebook and twitter from soundcloud and lisbyn for listeners to listen to your Podcast.

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a niche should be one inch wide and one mile deep

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Your Perfect Podcast Icon




What on earth is your Perfect Podcast Icon?


It is that perfect listener that listens to your podcast every day. He has scheduled his whole day for the time your podcast is available.


The day you do not have a podcast, you know all about it. This perfect Podcast Icon will get an email to you as fast as lightning. He will give you a thousand words on your blog. You will feel extremely guilty because of your lack of performance.


An Example of The Perfect Podcast Icon


Suzy is a house wife with a husband and three kids. The oldest child is seven years, middle child is 5 years and a baby of eighteen months. Her normal weekly day consists of preparing breakfast and sandwiches for her husband and oldest child. The other two children stay at home and after hubby and the oldest child left, Suzy has her hands full with the little ones. She cleans the house and quickly goes to the grocery store to buy the necessary. By eleven o' clock the house is spick and span, children are peaceful and Suzy can take a break. Eleven o'clock is the time for your podcast to go on air. Suzy listens to your positive message. After half an hour the podcast has revived Suzy and she feels like moving heaven and earth. There were no commercial breaks to distract her attention on what you have to say in your podcast and she is pretty sad when it ends. Tomorrow she will listen to your next episode.


When You Approach a Fork in the Road


Fork in Road


As a Podcaster there will be many challenges on your road to become the best Podcaster. What happens when you reach a fork in the road?


Easy, put yourself in the shoes of Suzy, your Perfect Podcast Icon. Think like she thinks. What would she have done in that situation? Suzy is basically making the decisions. What would suite her?


Remember, you are not the perfect Podcaster Icon, Suzy is. She has just taken a big load off your shoulders by letting you decide as if you were Suzy.


The Practical Side in Becoming the Best Podcaster


Grab a blank piece of paper and create Suzy. Write down who she is, what she likes, her daily challenges. Write a minimum of 500 words on Suzy.


When you completed Suzies' summary , find another Perfect Podcast Icon and write down. Look around you. Your neighbors, people in your church, Teachers in your children's school. Talk to these people and find out more about them, what makes them cross, what makes them happy.


Discover What Podcast is All About


Podcasting is Exploding! How can it help your Business for

Profits on Fire!




On demand, targeted, FREE Content


Where ever you are, you can listen to your favorite podcast. You can be driving in a car, jogging, walking, exercise in a gym.

Very Targeted

You can listen to whatever is your interest. Itunes has 16 categories with hundreds of subcategories. The Podcast can be the exact topics and interests that you have


A major reason Podcast Hosts are building massive audience is that you can stream and download unlimited content for FREE.


Podcasting allows hosts to build an INTIMATE Connection

with their audience.


Once the audience has heard your voice, they will remember you forever. You can communicate directly with your audience to see what all they want. You can create the solutions to their problems.


Your ability to leverage directories


The podcaster hosts, ItunesStitcher Radio, and Soundcloud are the 3 major directories. Massive communities are searching for content on their platforms. You can tap into this opportunity.

The ability to build powerful relationships with the Big Names in your niche.

You can build a platform and then leverage their audience.

You can build authority and credibility in your niche. When you interview successful people you are associated with them.

You can not build any credibility and value if you have not a platform.

Once your platform is in place, you can serve an audience with value. Over time your credibility with them will grow and they will know, like and trust you.


How can Podcasting help your business making huge Profits?


Are you looking to

  • Build your authority and credibility in a niche?

  • Increase the demographic of your audience?

  • Grow your audience, build an intimate connection with them, find out what their struggles are, and then create solutions for them?

  • Fill a void in the marketplace with valuable content?

  • Build a business around a topic you are passionate about?

Podcasting can help


Guidelines on How to Choose Your Podcast Mentor


MikeStarting your own Podcast interviews are not easy and you need the help from a mentor who has the absolute know how of how to do it. There are so many benefits to run your own podcast show with your own community, but you need to do it correctly. One of the benefits is that you start building your own community. You would need to talk to them and they would listen.


MountainWhat type of mentor do you need?

Your mentor must have a lot of clout in the niche market. Everybody must look up to him or her as he or she can

lead you to greater heights.



Road BlocksThere are two types of mentors. The first type of mentor is in an advisory role only. They do not get involved in the detail of how to do your podcast. They mainly give you advice when you bump into a roadblock.


The stronger type of mentor is the advocate. You can build a nice relationship with your advocate, who will intervene on your behalf, and the advocate will go out of his or her way to help you when you need help and in whatever problem you bump into.


The advice is to aim for a mentor with clout and who is important in the organisation and will give you sound advice showing you how to move forward.


Many mentors started off life knowing nothing about Podcasting, but would like to become a world-class Podcaster, and they got a lifeline from another mentor and they are so grateful for all the help and advice, that they really want to help you reach your full potential.


Start developing a wandering eye in your niche market. 

Who are the Mentors with the biggest community? Do you need an advisor or do you needPat Flynne an advocate mentor-ship? What do they say about the person you want as a mentor. Google it! Make sure the mentor can fill in where you are lacking experience, like a puzzle.


Normally the advisor takes you under his wing and gives you advice in a private  capacity and he or she will take very little risk, however, the advocate will go publicly and take a bet on you whilst he is endorsing your work and prepares himself to go the extra mile to show the world what you have achieved.


From the advocates' point of view it is important to support a professional relationship and do not turn him or her into a shrink. Be strong and full of self-confidence and do not come across as weak or incapable of doing what you need to do, otherwise your advocate will take a step backwards and move away from the relationship because he or she can not help you, or else, they put their own profession on the line to help you.


From your point of view keep the relationship as formal as possible and do not let a mentor cross your boundaries lightly. Someone can take away the information you share and then introduce it in other areas without your permission, so know exactly what you let yourself in for and read the fine print.


Do not rely on a formal mentor-ship program. Many people always wait for the formal mentor-ship program to become available, instead, take control of your own life, and make your own mentor-ship programme. Build your own relationships and find those mentors in the Podcasting market to help you. This will give you a benchmark of how you are doing in the niche market. Exchange ideas with innovated thinkers out there.


Business NetworkForm your own network of advisers and advocates. There is no perfect role model out there, most of the mentors started where you are now, knowing very little about Podcasting, but learn and bring their side. Every mentor has his or her own personality, his or her own way of teaching and his or her own area of ability. Best is to find a mentor outside of your network, far away from your immediate team. This makes a lot of sense, your immediate team already filled all the gaps that you are not sure about. They are not clued up with the mentor who will take you to the highest mountain. You know what your goal is, find those mentors in that area who are the best. Meet someone new, someone to network with, someone else who is not in your day-to-day life who can give you sound advise and aim for what you want to do.


One last thought: To be a mentor is a cycle. Keep it going and return the favor of all the wisdom you received from your network of mentors by becoming a mentor yourself.


A Few Ways to Find Content for Your Topic Based Podcast


A Topic Based Podcast show is a show run by you. You do it all, for instance, you find topics and do research on what you want to host. You build authority and credibility in these topics and niche markets.


There are places you can look for ideas to select, organize and present content.




There are a number of blogs that will really keep you in the know. They are what people care about, what is going viral, this is the stuff that is on people's minds.


First Web Site, http://Inbound.org



On the first page you will find the topics and blog posts of the day. You will find amazing topics for your Topic based Podcast. People are voting and the content is really interesting. This will be an awesome and cool way to find content to Podcast about.


Second Web Site, http://Upworthy.com




Upworthy is all videos, and guess what? Podcasters will not watch these videos because they listen to podcasts when they go to the gym, or run or any other exercises or whilst they are travelling. You can come here and find some great Upworthy videos and you can talk about the content and give your opinion on what is going on in the world now and what is going viral and what the people are loving.


Third Web Site, http://Alltop.com

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