My first List (new friends) when I started Email Marketing


Believe it or not, the website is already built. All the bells and whistles. A perfect membership website, with not a single visitor!


A serious plan of action needs to follow. I have a few dollars in my 7search.com account. Guys and Girls, you must see how cheap advertising is on this website. They have a beautiful keyword tool. If you choose your keywords correctly, you will not have any competition in that specific keyword. Note to make sure your keyword has at least three words.


Firstly I chose my keywords on the keyword tool. The longer and cheaper the keyword, the higher the impressions, the better. I also set the keywords on exact bid instead of broad bid or phrase bid.


Secondly, I built a web page which is the landing page. I used http://wordpress.org. The web host I am using is http://cyberegion.com. This is a very good host and the fees are very reasonable. They never allow too much traffic on one server and they were the first web host to back up web sites automatically.



Do not fear if you have not got a web host. http://Blogger.com, http://Wordpress.com and many other web hosts give you free hosting. A word of warning. When you start growing your web presence you have to consider using a proper web host. http://Bluehost.com, http://godaddy.com to name but a few will give you web hosting at a very reasonable fee.


The reason for not having a proper web host being that you can lose your whole account so easily by a fault that is not yours. It also means you can lose your Internet Business. It will cost you dearly in the end.


Thirdly, I joined http://icontact.com. This is a first class auto responder email service. They have the most beautiful templates. If you have an email list you are going to need a Newsletter, Insights, Featured Download, plain email script etc. The sky is the limit, but there are templates for these documents. I have set up four emails which is sent out a few days from each other by the auto responder service.


Many website owners like http://aweber.com or http://getresponse.com. The reason these auto responders services are safe is they are very strict on sending out spam, in other words, the email you send out will land in your friends inbox and not his junk mail. These auto responder services also do not advertise on your emails.


Back to http://7search.com, I set up a small text advert with links to my landing page. Once set up I start running the campaign. This is officially the launch of my Global Internet Business. What a great party we had to celebrate the launch of this business.


Guys and Girls, this is the start of your Internet business. Http://7Search.com sends your friends to your landing page.


Once your friends are there, they need to put in their name and email address. From there your friends' email addresses go to your auto responder service and you can choose whether you want them to confirm their email address (double opt in) and after clicked they get the welcoming page or whether your friends get a welcoming page (single Op tin)


Your list with your friends email addresses start growing in the auto responder list. In these emails you can just chat to your friends, sell them something, get their opinion on something or just send out some news.


The more you advertise through http://7search.com the more emails you will get in your auto responder list.


Needless to say. Much more work needs to go into this business. For starters, lots more traffic from other sources needs to go to the landing page.


This is another story for another time.

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