Hybrid Cloud and the IT Department Solution in 2016


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Challenges for the IT Department:

  • What are the many challenges that the IT Department faces today?

  • What is this Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution? And how can one use it?

  • What are the various trials and tribulations for your IT Department?

It is often the very demanding end-users that are realizing that it is easier to secure critical light resources available  from the Public Cloud than it is to use the dedicated and secure server from the local IT Departments.


The following is a catastrophe heading for a complete disaster especially when the end-users send sensitive data into the public cloud and that without the knowledge of the IT Management. This Action's name is Shadow IT. This is a really bad situation, not only does IT Management loose visibility of sensitive data, but they are also loosing control over IT security.


Methods to stop this dangerous situation. The answer is to connect the IT Department to the Private cloud and from there to connect it to the hybrid cloud. It most certainly is not as easy as it looks to connect the private cloud to the public cloud.


This is a way forward:


  • Connect the Private Cloud to the Public Cloud and make these Resources available to the entire enterprise.

  • Avail your IT staff to preferably concentrate on monetizing your business instead of the monotonous responsibility of guarding the end-user.

  • Simplify management for the very satisfied users.

Two Parts of the Puzzle:

  • Both parts are equally important for the hybrid cloud to work properly.

  • The first part is the Public Cloud which is available from the many providers that are on the internet.

  • The Second piece of the puzzle is the Private Cloud. This is far more complicated than the Public Cloud.

  • Choose the Private Cloud Server that will work the best for the business and pair it with the inter IT Department dedicated Server, Networking, hyper visor and management tools.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions:

For the Hybrid Cloud you have the following specifications to work from.

  • Storage Medium

  • Virtual Memory Systems

  • File Systems

  • Test and Development

If there is an existing private cloud, simply deploy a hybrid cloud to be on top of the private cloud. If the development starts with a dedicated server, then simply deploy both the private cloud and hybrid cloud at the same time directly to the public cloud.

This entitles the end-users with an appealing environment for their demands.

Experience of End-User with Hybrid Cloud:

In the type environment with just a few clicks, the end-users can secure their own storage, or their own virtual memory system, or create their own file shares or set-up their own test environment and develop from there.

Suddenly the internal IT is looking a lot more attractive to your end-users. You will be an IT hero.

Finally, this is a simple, cost-effective and flexible way to deploy a business solution.


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