Cloud Infrastructure as a Service – 2016

Cloud is as automated as you want it to be

Cloud Infrastructure Quotes

Cloud Infrastructure:

One way of analyzing The Cloud is that you are on the internet.

Think of all your data online, think of email. In the past all your emails were stored on your own computer. If you lost your computer, all your emails were gone.

Things are easier today, with Google's gmail, you can retrieve your email from anywhere globally, and from any device. The only thing you need is your login details and an internet connection. The reason is that your email account is with the emails. These are sitting with the big servers of Google who manage the Cloud Infrastructures. It is known as email in the cloud.

The same goes for photos. All your photos upload on your computer. The problem is that if you lose your computer, you lose your photos too. Flickr allows you to store your photos in the cloud, or in other terms online.

These are only two examples of software in the cloud. There is also accounting software, editing software, word processing as well as excel spread sheet software, all edited through your own web browser. You can edit or save and collaborate in the cloud. The only software that you would need to install on your own computer would be a web browser, and that would be the lot.

Software and Storage of Data:

Firstly, Google, Yahoo and Amazon are probably better in looking after your files than you are. What about when a system crashes, or in the case of fire, or a laptop is stolen?

Secondly, those updates. The software is on the cloud provider's servers and the cloud provider will usually take care of the software for you.

Lastly, its price. Instead of paying the full price for a software package, you may only pay a monthly fee. The benefit is that you can always cancel your cloud subscription when the software is obsolete. However, you can not get the money back for the software package you bought when you have no more use for it. Times are moving forward so fast, and you need to update software packages regularly, which is more and more money.

More Benefits:


Another benefit is that you can view your documents anywhere in the world on any device, and not to worry about updating the software. Many people, especially companies, prefer the cloud model. The simplest way of cloud computing, which offers the entire software as a service is more commonly known as “Saas”.

Another way that involves the machinery is to host your needs. This Cloud infrastructure software is known as “Iaas”.

In conclusion, Cloud is another word for the internet.

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