Best SEO Article Writing in 11 Easy Steps


One of the key points to rank well, is that of unique content for your website.  The following 11 steps that you get, will be the best SEO Articles Writing for your website.


1. Title of the Article

Provide a catchy title that all your readers can't wait to read. I use an online tool and choose some titles, and thereafter I determine my final title. The title of this article is based on an example of Portent's The TitleMaker

2. Active SEO Article Writing

It is important to write your articles interestingly, therefore, this looks interesting and pleasant. Some tips on how to write Articles interesting: Write in active voice and avoid passive or passive.  Example: "Many people read this book" instead of "this book will be read by many people."

  • Avoid auxiliary verbs and question words such as "would," "may," "might" and "may". "
  • Strive to write single sentences and keep it short.

3. Use headings to divide your paragraphs

Pepper the headings with your keyword. Liberally use subheadings as well.

4. Rhythmic letter

The message will have more impact, if you write your article rhythmically. Take advantage from beginning to rhyme your sentences, because it will imprint the message on the reader's mind.

5. Use bullets

Visitors want to screen through your article, So use bullets in your text for easier reading.

6. Provide the ideal line length

The ideal line length across the page, has 65 to 85 characters (incl. spaces). From an expert,  indicate that the readability of your web copy plummets by more than 95 characters, because the eye muscles must stretch continuously and gets tired.

7. Length of text

Many marketers indicates that the length of the text does not matter for a good position in Google, but this is not entirely true. Always keep this in mind:  answer the query of the visitor! A text of 10 words is obviously not as well as a text of 200 words, because you can not always complete the answer to a question in 10 words, and give visitors a little more information.

8. Scan Content

Ensure that paragraphs are easy to scan by using up to 5 lines in a paragraph. In this way, visitors read quickly short pieces on a page, and they remember blocks of this information.

9. Please note keyword density and prominence

Keyword density is the density of a keyword on a page. Division amongst the marketers about this, but when you write articles, you can check it on keyword density and prominence. To test these two properties on one page, I use the keyword density tool of SEOBook.

10. Images in the text

Like headers, this point is one of the SEO Basic Tips. Make sure that text is readable through the use of images in the text.

11. Make use of infographics

Try to strengthen your text into an infographic. Many marketers use infographics widely, in time, social media will quickly share your infographics to other social media and information will convey information quickly. Therefore, when you write your next article, use an infographic to illustrate your article. It will reinforce your content. On my Pinterest account, I very use SEO Infographics all the time and that's where I find many followers repin these infographics or Liking.

In Conclusion:

It will not disappoint you if you use these 11 tips for your SEO Article Writing. The main benefit is that your website's ranking will start going up, and therefore your Domain and Page Authority will start to increase, and finally, the second benefit is that you'll get loads of traffic as well.

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