My 10 favorite Entrepreneurs of 2016

By experience I have learnt that there are many great Internet Marketers, Economists and Entrepreneurs on the internet. Here is my list of entrepreneurs where I have learnt a great deal. In 2016 the whole list may change as I grow with all the knowledge and experience these entrepreneurs have shared with me in 2015. Thank you and I would love to share your links on my website Bakelsit.

Dr Hannes Dreyer – Economist and Coach

A world class economist and a great coach. He believes in giving his courses and the students must take action for results.

One of the students asked him what he would do if he looses everything and he has to start all over again. His answer: Follow the Blue Print of the Build a Money Making Machine. To get a glimpse and more information on this machine and the way dr Hannes presents his courses, visit this page:

Money Making Machine Blueprint

Dr Hannes Dreyer link

Kim Roach – Internet Marketer and great on Traffic Generation

Kim offers a fully contained internet course on Buzzblogger.com. You start the course for only $1 for two weeks. If you want to proceed with the course you pay $39 monthly. It is worth every penny. In the course there is a few over the shoulder scenarios. This course comes in very handy when you start developing your internet business. You just follow Kim's blueprint and you are good to go.


New training site, Paleochops. Some delicious recipes.


John Lee Dumas and Kate Ericson – Podcaster entrepreneur and a business school in Podcasting

John Lee Dumas started three and a bit years ago by presenting podcasts every day of the week. He interviews other entrepreneurs and podcasters who share their knowledge with everybody. A wealth of information is shared and one can only learn from it. Entrepreneur on Fire and Podcasters Paradise are the two main websites. John Lee Dumas is great explaining the 58 days you have as a newbie to get your podcast show on the road. He is also standing out in explaining how to monetize the podcast.

His accountant gives a monthly statement and a financial run down every month and one can see how his business is growing.

EOFire's November 2015 Income Report

Entrepreneur On Fire

Brian Dean an SEO and backlink expert

Brian gives a lot of advise to you to build backlinks to your website. He starts with keyword research and the latest methods, how to write epic articles with links strewn like salt and pepper throughout the article. He has all the statistics to proof what he is saying. Brian is recognised by the top internet marketers like Neil Patel as an expert in his backlinking.

Seo Backlinks

Glen Allsop great in business planning on the Internet

Glen Allsop has grown his businesses to great heights. In doing so he believes in helping upcoming marketers. In following his advice, one can only profit at the end of the day. One can put one's on twitch to the problem and get guided to the end result.


Tinkernut a real computer “techie”

He explains all you want to know about the nuts and bolts of the internet. He has a whole youtube series on the “higher”workings of the Internet, Android and lots more. It is no problem for him to build a computer from scratch with a few parts to work in the”cloud”. He explains very well what he is doing and what parts he is using.


John Morris the Coder.

John Morris codes in all different languages. He has courses in coding and is really good with Wordpress. He knows what the market wants in the future and inspires you to start learning that part of coding NOW. He shows you how to monetize coding. Udemy hosts courses from John.


Jay simplifies Internet Marketing to the core

Jay is an excellent teacher. You understand what he says and if you put his lessons to practice, you get the results as he predicts. Jay has great ways to generate internet traffic for your internet business. Warning ! ! ! if you are sensitive to crude words, rather give this one a miss.


Here is another upcoming internet marketers:

Edwin Torres is a level headed internet marketer with great ideaIs. You follow his methods and you will get results.


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