A Few Ways to Find Content for Your Topic Based Podcast


A Topic Based Podcast show is a show run by you. You do it all, for instance, you find topics and do research on what you want to host. You build authority and credibility in these topics and niche markets.


There are places you can look for ideas to select, organize and present content.




There are a number of blogs that will really keep you in the know. They are what people care about, what is going viral, this is the stuff that is on people's minds.


First Web Site, http://Inbound.org



On the first page you will find the topics and blog posts of the day. You will find amazing topics for your Topic based Podcast. People are voting and the content is really interesting. This will be an awesome and cool way to find content to Podcast about.


Second Web Site, http://Upworthy.com




Upworthy is all videos, and guess what? Podcasters will not watch these videos because they listen to podcasts when they go to the gym, or run or any other exercises or whilst they are travelling. You can come here and find some great Upworthy videos and you can talk about the content and give your opinion on what is going on in the world now and what is going viral and what the people are loving.


Third Web Site, http://Alltop.com

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